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GATE 2021: Changes in Mechanical Engineering syllabus and XE as a secondary paper

Syllabus for mechanical engineering has been revised and option of a secondary paper has been introduced.

In accordance with the current technological advances, GATE 2021 syllabus of mechanical engineering has been revised. New topics of importance have been added and 2-3 topics like collision, manometry and gauge design have been removed. Following is a detailed analysis of subject wise addition and deletion of topics.

Engineering Mechanics

Newly Added: Friction and its applications including rolling friction, belt-pulley, brakes, clutches, screw jack, wedge, vehicles, etc; Lagrange’s equation

Deleted: Collisions

Mechanics of Materials

Newly Added: Concept of shear center

Fluid Mechanics

Newly Added: Basics of compressible fluid flow

Deleted: Manometry


Newly Added: Steam and gas turbines

Machining and Machine Tool Operation

Newly Added: Abrasive machining processes; NC/CNC machines and CNC programming

Metrology and Inspection

Newly Added: Concepts of coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Deleted: Gauge Design

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Newly Added: Additive manufacturing

Production Planning and Control

Newly Added: Lean manufacturing

Further an option of a secondary paper has been introduced in GATE 2021. Now a candidate may appear in two papers (from the available combinations), if he/she wishes to do so. For Mechanical Engineering students, Engineering Sciences (XE) is the available option as secondary paper.

XE paper comprises of following sections:

  • General Aptitude – 15 Marks

  • Engineering Mathematics (Section A) – This section is compulsory and carries 15 Marks.

  • 2 Optional Sections (Section B-H) – Candidates have to answer questions from any two sections. Each section will be carrying 35 Marks. Available options are: Section B Fluid Mechanics, Section C Materials Science, Section D Solid Mechanics, Section E Thermodynamics, Section F Polymer Science and Engineering, Section G Food Technology, Section H Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Out of the optional sections of XE paper (Section B-H), Fluid Mechanics, Material Science, Solid Mechanics and Thermodynamics are part of Mechanical Engineering syllabus also and candidates may answer questions from these topics without special preparation for the same.

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