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Tryst with Nature: Healthy Food for Healthy Mind

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Natural and organic food is key to enduring health.

Ever admired your grandmother’s long, enchanting tresses? Or your Mother’s soft, supple skin and your grandfather and fathers agility and quick mindedness even in old age? And in contrast, our skin, hair, mental capacity, physical strength all seem to diminish by lets say, late 20s – early 30s.

To deduce the reasons for these stark differences is not rocket science. The answer lies in our kitchens. Yes, in those heavenly corners of our homes that radiate tantalizing aromas couple of times a day.

In the olden times (lets not rewind centuries ago but 5 to 6 decades back), food was undoubtedly organic and pure. Cuisines were made according to seasons, e.g beetroot and carrot based curries during winter and turnip, bottle gourd , etc during summer. Vegetables did not loose their charm and every season had special dishes reserved for families. Ingredients were carefully used in every dish, keeping health and weather in mind. Each and every ingredient had its own effect on/in the consumer’s body.

Because the demand for foodstuffs was not all year round, farmers had ample time to produce and harvest crops. Without the use of chemicals and steroids to boost production.

Zap back to the current time. The generation of high-tech farming techniques. Of internet and online markets. We are in a constant struggle to earn money, rear families and to socialise. In this hustle, we tend to put our own health in the rear seats!

Think of it, how many times have you bought canned fruits and felt they will boost your immunity. Why did we buy tinned fruits? Because they were available, regardless if them being in season or not, it was “convenient” and supposedly healthy. The truth is – every time we purchase processed/canned/ready to eat food stuffs, we subjugate our and our family’s health.

Of course there is no certification process to label a food as “organic”. It could mean no pesticides, or that the plants were not genetically modified, and it could mean a bunch of other things, albeit, unfortunately, with no verification process.

This is where the integrity of so-called organic food producers comes in question – how truthful are they to their claims?

There is a direct relation between illnesses that arise from consuming crops (or even meat products) that have been exposed to harmful pesticides, GMOs and numerous other chemicals. Some of these problems are cancer, cholesterol, infertility, weak immune system, weak bones, hemoglobin deficiency, etc.

On the other hand, organic food, cooked seasonally and with our grandmothers’ authentic recipes and ingredients, gives our health a boost, make our skin glow, immunity stronger, bones stronger, increase hemoglobin, etc.

The key to healthy organic food is to be street smart about what we buy, and from where. Simply picking up food that is sealed, from the local supermarket, and ready to eat because it suits our convenience only puts our lives at stake.

Let us not make trysts with mother nature but appreciate and consume what she provides for us, in all the pure goodness.

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Hindustan Naturals
Hindustan Naturals
Jul 12, 2020

'Healthy food for healthy mind' .....Totally in agreement with your views....

Really appreciable article about current food market scenario; however there are some brands who are doing good job in terms of offering really natural food products.

we need to identify and choose wisely.


Jul 12, 2020

Really informative piece... Love it.

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