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Our Story


Belonging to rural part of the country, we struggled a lot to get even the first hand information regarding examinations and competitions and how to proceed to face these challenges. Those were the days when there was no internet revolution and people who were in the field (if somehow you have contact with any of them) and your teachers were the only source of guidance.

With the advent of internet and mobile, problem of availability of information is solved. Now you can get all information at finger tips. But even now, connecting to the right people for guidance is equally important so that this infinite source of knowledge called internet may properly be tapped to one’s benefit.

In the present scenario also, students who have precedence of higher education in their family and urban area students are in advantageous position. Keeping this in mind and to bridge this gap, idea of Knowledge Cubs has evolved.

At Knowledge Cubs, we believe in providing access to quality education for all, disrupting the existing barriers. In line with our dream, we envision to provide open access to our well curated content in various domains and cater to personalized guidance/counseling need of the students.

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